The Western Kingdom
October 18, 2009LOCATION // MOROCCO

With over 1140 miles of untouched coastline (California has 840), and world-reknown Moorish architecture, we had plenty of reasons to plan a Moroccan adventure. We arrived with our passports, cameras and surfboards, and the plan was to rough it.

We had read somewhere that Morocco was inhabited for more than 5000 years by the Berbers, boundlessly hospitable nomads that extend a cup of fresh mint tea, instead of a sword. That was plenty of proof for us, so we got out the maps and charted our course.

Four days, eight surf sessions, 600+ miles and three hookas later, we arrived in the tiny, ocean-front village of Sidi Ifni where we met a man on the street that invited us into his home for hot mint tea. He said "I love Americans, and I'm glad you are here". We shared stories, laughed and thanked each other for being open to meeting strangers.

Our coversation was a beautiful reminder of how similar such different people can be.