The Isthmus
July 22, 2012LOCATION // PANAMA

There is more biodiversity in Panama than nearly anywhere on Earth. We found that to be pretty impressive for a country slightly smaller than South Carolina. It is also home to some of the most beautiful volcanos and untouched beaches in the world.

Over the past six years, the Aellon crew has grown to know Panama as a second home. It is full of adventure, home to a bustling metropolis and strong culture. It is also home to some impressively large game fish, sharks and saltwater crocodiles. We came face to face with all three when scuba diving on a remote island off of Panama's Pacific coast. Michael Phelps would have been proud if he saw how fast we swam away.

Panama is wild. There's no question about it. But then again, so are we..we thought. Maybe a few less crocs in the water wouldn't be a bad thing.