Sandalwood Island

In June of 2011, we set off on a surf adventure to Indonesia. The destination was Sumba, a remote island in south east Indonesia known for being a remote tribal island that was a stronghold in maintaining their independence from the Indonesia governmnent's rule. The Sumbanese live an Animist culture that to this day practices sacrificial rituals when their tribal kings die. Hundreds of heads of cattle, and even a few human servants perish when a king begins his journey in the afterlife.

Southeast Sumba is also home to the most remote and uncrowded waves on earth, and the home of Batik - a hand-dyed waxed fabric textile that pre-dates written records in Indonesia. While in Indonesia, we learned of a boat that was shipwrecked in a monsoon. This 61-foot boat, named Grace, is the original boat that Aellon's inaugural Grace Line was built from.