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10 DIY Tips To Treat Leather Furniture For A Longer Lifespan

Leather furniture invites an element opulence and luxury into your space. Unlike some of the refinements that you can have in your space, leather provides an ideal interior décor that is complete on its own. The numerous colour options and designs and that is what makes leather materials stand out. However, maintaining the leather in good condition for a longer lifespan can be a challenge for most homeowners. 

Most of the available options for treating leather can get pretty expensive, especially if you have invested in a lot of leather furniture. Fortunately, there many affordable homemade hacks you can use to keep your leather furniture in good condition for a long time. That’s what we are providing you within this handy guide. Here are some of the best: 

1. Clean and Condition Regularly 

One of the treatments that can help maintain your leather in good condition for a long time is regular conditioning. Considering that leather is a natural material, you need to condition it at least every six months. This helps to give it a new lifespan after signs of wearing out. Through regular conditioning, you will be able to maintain its original softness and suppleness. That’s what will keep your furniture looking new as well as comfortable to sit on. Use a homemade leather conditioner since it is effective and cost-effective. 

2. Keep Away Sharp Objects 

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One of the things that you must deal with is sharp objects near your leather furniture. Sharp objects such as knives, razor blades and other objects are some of the biggest threats to your furniture. They usually cause tearing and scratching of the leather, making it lose its original appeal. So, keep them away from your furniture to avoid damages. This tip is also very crucial in you have got children in the house. In addition to that, do not use your nails to remove stains on the leather furniture.   

3. Avoid Ammonia/Alkaline Products 

The choice of cleaning products for your leather material is crucial when it comes to furniture lifespan. There are several things that you need to take into consideration. One of them is the corrosiveness of the products. Avoid any ammonia or alkaline products for the cleaning of leather furniture as they may cause permanent damages to your leather. There are also some products that have some acidic components. Stay clear of these products if you want your leather to last longer. 

4. Wipe with Soft Cloth Or Sponge 

Removing dust and crumbs on the leather is another factor that would greatly determine the lifespan of your furniture. However, how you do, it would greatly determine the longevity of your furniture. You need to very soft materials to wipe dust and crumbs off your leather furniture. Cleaning wipes can be a bit expensive, especially if you have invested in many leather furniture and stuff in the house. We, therefore, recommend the use of soft cloth or sponge to remove. 

5. Avoid Direct Sunlight 

One of the biggest threats to leather material is direct sunlight. When you place your leather furniture in the sun, the material will not only fade away but will also significantly reduce the lifespan of the leather material. Apart from fading, hardening and cracks are also some of the most common effects of the sun. Therefore, keep your leather furniture away from windows to avoid direct sunlight. You can also have blinds on the window to block direct sunlight. If you want to have furniture in your outdoor deck, then you need to have the deck roofed.  

direct sunlight on a leather couch

6. Use A Hairdryer 

One of the reasons why your leather could wear out really fast is because of stretches that develop over time. They make the furniture look old, hence losing its appeal. However, some of the things that you cannot prevent from happening. Fortunately, there are ways that you can deal with it. Using a hairdryer is one of the best ways that you can get rid of stretches on your leather. Just set the hairdryer at a higher temperature and slowly heat up the stretch areas of the leather. It will shrink back and regain its original look. 

7. Vacuuming Regularly 

Wiping off the dust on leather furniture may not provide the desired results in the long run. That is why a more effective approach should be used to help improve the lifespan of the leather furniture. Vacuuming is one of the best ways to get rid of stubborn dirt and crumbs stuck on the leather. But to get the best results, you need to attach a soft brush to remove crumbs easily. Make sure that you are vacuuming every part of the furniture. 

8. Cover It 

If you don’t have time for regular cleaning and conditioning, then you need to consider covering your leather furniture. What you need is to buy sheets that will be able to cover the entire furniture for the time you will not be using it. If you are rarely at home or have a lot of furniture, some of which you don’t really use, then consider covering them with a clean sheet. You will be able to maintain them in good condition for a longer time. 

9. Clean Stains and Spills ASAP 

If you notice stains or spills on the leather, you must get rid of immediately. Spills and stains are some of the biggest causes of damages on leather furniture, and they can greatly reduce the lifespan of your furniture. They can also cause discolouration on the leather surface hence making the furniture look old and worn out.  

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10. Dust Regularly 

Dusting your leather furniture frequently will have a huge impact on its lifespan. You can use a dust rag cleaner every week to keep your furniture free of dust and crumbs. With that, you will maintain your leather looking new for a long time. 

If you have invested in leather furniture, then you must figure out the best DIY ways to maintain leather in good condition. That’s how you get value for money and keep your space looking good. With these DIY tips for maintaining leather furniture, it will cost you very little, if any, to treat your leather furniture for a longer time. 

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Eco-Friendly Furniture Trends In 2019

When it comes to creating a sustainable home, furniture plays a critical role. They take the biggest part of the house, and that’s they are the most targeted. For those planning to decorate their homes without neglecting the environment, there many fancy and inspiring eco-friendly furniture trends to pick.

If you are wondering which are the top eco-friendly furniture trends in 2019, we’ve got you covered. We have rounded up some of the best trends that you can choose from.

Here are six of the best eco-friendly furniture trends in 2019.

1. Occasional Chairs

Chair are back into the market thanks to the campaign to keep the environment safe and clean. Among the many varieties available, occasional chairs are among the eco-friendly furniture trends in 2019. But they have come with a few changes in design. They are designed to add a fine touch to your interior and exterior aesthetics.

Occasional chairs work great for the dining room, foyer, living room, and bedroom. You can also pull them to your breakfast table or desk. If you want to enjoy some time on the deck or patios, this ergonomic furniture would be a perfect option than those plastic patio chairs. That is how versatile occasional chairs can be.

2. Sofa Bed

The sofa bed is another eco-furniture trend that has gained popularity due to its versatility in use. It is one of the furniture that can be used for sitting and sleeping. It is a chair and a bed at the same time. However, don’t confuse the typical sofa beds with trends in 2019. They are mode sophisticated in design to improve the interior decor. As a way of taking care of the environment, designers are using eco-friendly material, including sheep wool, for making these sofa beds.

sofa beds

3. Side Table

If you want to keep your interior decor on point, then you need to ensure that every sofa has at least one side table. The side table is another environmental friend trend in 2019. Using sustainable materials for the construction of these pieces of furniture. Most of these tables are made from recycled wood and bamboo. What is interesting about these tables is the unique designs they come with. Most designers are mixing different materials, colours, and shapes to get a striking interior decoration. However, the size and height of the tables should be the same. These tables are not limited to the living room but can also be used in the bedroom, bathroom, and family room.

4. Bench

Who would have thought benches would make it back as part of the interior decor. Well, in 2019, this furniture has been part of the craziest eco-friendly interior ideas. Bench adds character and colour to your space in a very enchanting way. You have plenty of options to pick from.

You can use benches in your living room, porch, deck, or foyer. However, the furniture is not limited in these areas. It is also important to choose the right design that works for your space. In most cases, backless benches work for most spaces. These designs are also very versatile and easy to find.

5. Demilune Table

If you don’t have a demilune table, then you need to get for your space. They are some of the eco-friendly furniture trends that have been doing very well in the interior design industry. These are the kinds of tables that will offer your space a new tweak on how it looks. It is one piece of furniture that will enhance your space aesthetics. They come in all sizes, and thus, you can get what works for your space.

The demilune table works for almost all spaces in your space, including your home office, bedroom at the side of the bed, foyer, and living room. Look for a table that has no centre leg as they offer more versatility. You can have a couple of these tables in your house. Getting different colours and materials enhance your room appearance.

6. Slipper Chairs

colorful chairs

This is another eco-friendly furniture trend that is doing very well in 2019. These types of chairs come with a unique design that can dramatically change your room appeal. In fact, we can say that they are some of the most versatile upholstered chairs in the market. The distinguishing feature is their armless design, which makes them comfortable for everyone in the family, from children to adults.

Slipper chairs work great for the dressing room, bedroom, family room, and living room. However, when buying these chairs, smaller ones are the most appealing. Smaller versions also accommodate everyone in the family. Choose a colour that will create striking contrast in your space.

If you are looking for the top best eco-friendly furniture trends in 2019, these are some of the best that you can pick from. However, there are many other options that you can choose from. With these pieces of furniture, you will not only enhance your home aesthetics and keep the planet safe.

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How To Create A Sustainable Home?

The term sustainability has become synonymous with climate change campaigns. As we become more aware of the environmental damages causing climate changes, everyone is looking for a way that they can make the planet a better place to live in. One of them is buying eco-friendly products, which helps to make the environment safer and healthier.

One of the ways that we can all help in making the environment healthier is by creating sustainable homes. There are small and big things that every one of us can to make our homes environmentally friendly. Here are some of the best tips for creating a sustainable home.

Use Eco-friendly Building Materials

The first thing that you need to do is to use as many eco-friendly materials as you can when building the house. There many parts of the house where you can use sustainable materials. Eco-friendly compost and wood, such as bamboo, are great for floors. The material can be used for the construction of various floors, including floor patios, decks, and so on. You can also use sheep wool for insulation purposes. When possible, use locally sourced materials.

Buying Second-hand Furniture

Buying the newest and latest furniture trend may look nice, but you will be contributing to environmental damage. It is essential to note any new furniture you buying is a tree that was lost, and a lot of energy was used to manufacture it. So, if you can buy second-hand furniture, you will have made a significant contribution towards keeping the environment safe and healthy.

Green Cleaning

Cleaning green is what all of us should be trying to achieve in our homes and workplaces. We must try to choose cleaning products and practices that are better for the people and the planet. So, when buying cleaning products, make sure that you have checked for eco-friendly products. Avoid products with harsh chemicals that are likely to release hazardous compounds. Some of the best green cleaning products include baking soda, borax, lemon juice, and washing soda, amongst others.

Recycled or Reused Materials

Using new materials for your home construction contributes to the destruction of the environment. That is why you need to consider using recycled materials. If you need steel bars for your deck or roofing, consider using recycled steel. It has been proven that recycling steel helps to save about 75% of the energy cost. That is the kind of contribution that you make to keep the environment clean. Apart from steel, you should also consider buying furniture constructed from recycled wood. There are many stores here in Australia selling such furniture.


 Using Less Plastic

One of the things that you need to consider to kick out of the house is plastic products. Plastic is one of the major pollutants, and that’s the reason why you should avoid it. Unlike wood that decomposes faster, plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose. That is why it has been classified as a threat to the environment. If you have to use plastic, get a recycled one.

Using Less Water

Your water usage habit is another way that you can create a sustainable home. Water is increasingly becoming a scarce resource. We are competing for this resource with the animals and plants to stay alive. So, when you waste water, you deny their two adequate water survive. Using less water will ensure the entire ecosystem is balanced, and that will keep the environment healthier.

Use Compost

One of the most significant contributors to environmental pollution is the user of fertilisers in farming. The chemicals in these fertilisers usually seep into the groundwater or are swept by the surface water when it rains. However, you can use compost instead of fertilise for your flower and herbs garden. What you need is put food waste and other kitchen scraps and put it in a compost bin. Leave it for a while, and you will get a useful compost for your gardens. With compose, we can reduce the use of chemical fertilisers.

Plant Drought Tolerant Plants

To reduce the amount of water used for irrigation, you should consider using drought-resistant plants for your landscaping. That will enable you to reduce water wastage during the dry seasons.

If everyone can create an eco-friendly home, we would contribute a lot to the environment. The good news is that you don’t have to do a lot to create a sustainable home. With simple things such as composting your food, you can make the planet safer. 

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What Makes Furniture Sustainable?

As the climate keeps changing for the worse, we are becoming more and more aware of the environmental damages and how they are adversely affecting. That’s why the campaign for environmental conservation has grown popular not only here in Australia but across the world. But what are the little things you can do at a personal level to make the planet safer?

Buying sustainable furniture is a role that every one of us can play in this campaign. Sustainable furniture is also called eco-friendly furniture or environmentally safe furniture. But what makes furniture sustainable? Well, there are a couple of things that make furniture eco-friendly. In this post, we have rounded up some of the key factors to look out for when buying sustainable furniture.

Here are the 5 things that make furniture sustainable:

1. Material Used

The first and the most important thing you need to check is the material used for the construction of the furniture. Several characteristics can tell whether the material is eco-friendly or not. The first thing to check is whether the material is recyclable. If the material can be re-purposed, then that is the kind of furniture that supports environmental conservation. Recycled woods and metal are some of the best examples.

Furniture made from renewable materials also fits in the sustainable category. Wood materials such as bamboo are an excellent choice because it grows faster, and thus, they are easy to replace. Not all wood is sustainable. For instance, it will take bamboo five years to mature and seventy years for an oak tree to mature. Unless it is reclaimed wood, avoid wood coming from trees that take a very long time to mature.

2. Environmentally friendly Manufacturing

Using sustainable materials is not enough to make a piece of furniture sustainable. You need to go further into the manufacturing process of the furniture. Is the manufacturing process safe for the environment? There are several things that you need to look out for. First, is whether the manufacturer is releasing harmful gases such as carbon emissions into the atmosphere? If that’s the case, then the furniture is not sustainable.

Don’t be confused if the manufacturer says that they are using electricity. You need to ask if it is clean electricity. Some of the electricity may be coming from diesel generators or a coal plant. These are electrical energy sources that contribute to the destruction of the environment. Hydro, geothermal, or solar electricity are some of the best green energy.

3. Mode of Transport

mode of transport

The other thing that makes furniture sustainable is the mode of transport. There are various ways that the transport of the finished product is done. So you need to pick the most environmentally friendly. Is the mode of transport energy efficient? Most people will use pick-ups and other types of cars to transport finished orders to their clients. You need to know the kind of cars used and if t is offering the best energy efficiency. The higher the efficiency of the mode of transport, the better. If they are using clean energy, the better.

However, you can do more to ensure minimal damage to the environment when buying environmentally-friendly furniture. The most effective way is buying locally or near your home or business. That means less energy will be needed to transport the furniture to your place. That is another factor that makes furniture sustainable.

4. The Usefulness of the Furniture

For the furniture to be sustainable, it should be useful to the user. It should also offer maximum functionality, ease of use, and comfort. The piece of furniture that you buy should also provide maximum versatility in application. For instance, you should buy a piece of furniture that is multifunctional since it takes less space. A good example is a sofa bed which can be used as a couch and a bed. Such pieces of furniture offer a greater utility to the user.

The other thing you need to look for in sustainable furniture is the durability. Eco-friendly furniture should last for a longer time. That means you will not need to replace every now and then. That is how you allow the environment to replenish itself before you can for another bamboo to construct new furniture. That’s what contributes to a healthy planet.

5. No VOC Finishes

The finish used is another factor that makes a piece of furniture sustainable or not. Some of the finishes contain very toxic solvents such as benzene that can be problematic to the environment. That is why no-VOC finishes are the best choice because they are water-based. Such finishes do nor off-gas hazardous organic compounds. These compounds not only damage the environment but also causes a wide range of respiratory and autoimmune conditions.

Buying environmentally friendly furniture is one way that you can contribute to a healthy environment. However, you need to look beyond the materials used and check other factors such as manufacturing process, finishes used, and so on. That’s how you will ensure that you are buying 100% sustainable furniture.