AELLON is a sustainable furniture company based in Brooklyn, New York. We design and build contemporary home furnishings from reclaimed and sustainably harvested materials. All of our pieces are hand-made and each piece bears marks of a craftsman's work and the material's history.

OUR STORY is one of adventure. We seek out craft cultures around the world, and find discarded materials that we repurpose into high- quality furniture. Our collections are designed around the materials we encounter during these adventures with each collection drawing inspiration from a distinct material, culture, region or experience.

OUR MISSION is to improve access to well-designed sustainable furniture and to reduce the furniture industry's impact on forest ecosystems.

Called The Grace Line, our inaugural collection was built from a  45-year old shipwrecked boat named Grace that our co-founders discovered on a surf trip in Indonesia. We now work with local reclaimed wood distributors, and with sustainably harvested woods, which allows us to produce this and future collections indefinitely.


OUR COMPANY is built on what we consider to be the four most important principles of good design: functionality, durability, sustainability and accessibility. Aellon’s purpose is deeper than maximizing profit:

// Functionality :: “Form ever follows function” said 19th Century architect Louis Sullivan. Aellon products first and foremose serve a functional purpose. We then dig deep into the materials, which shapes the ultimate look and feel of Aellon’s contemporary designs.

// Durability :: We combine timeless design with traditional joinery techniques to ensure our furniture will never end up broken in the trash. We build our pieces to be heirloom quality, which means you never really own Aellon furniture, you’re simply borrowing it from your children.

// Sustainability :: We build environmental and social sustainability into every part of our business and products. For more information on our sustainability principles, programs and strategies, click HERE.

// Accessibility :: We believe that all 7 billion of us should have access to products that don’t damage our environment or communities. While well- built products cost more to produce, they also last much longer, which results a savings over your lifetime.