High Point Report: Spring 2013 Highlights
May 28, 2013
High Point Market is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, bringing more than 75,000 people to High Point, North Carolina every six months. This Spring, Aellon debuted The Grace Line at High Point, with stunning pieces showing hand-crafted details and solid wood joinery. As a company that is deeply focused on sustainable design, it was wildly refreshing to see Aellon didn't lose site of clean, comtemporary design in the process. Interior Design  READ MORE
BKLYN Design: Aellon Turns Shipwreck into Fabulous Furnishings
April 20, 2013
There are going to be a lot of awesome designers showcasing their green interiors at the upcoming BKLYN Designs furniture fair, but Brooklyn design collaboration Aellon (we've written about them before here) definitely sets itself apart with their incredible collection of eco-friendly furniture made from shipwrecked Indonesian fishing boats and other reclaimed wood. Serious stewards of the earth who ensure their work has the smallest  READ MORE
Aellon's Grace: A 61-Foot Fishing Boat
July 20, 2012
With dumpster divers, salvage supply warehouses and innumerable upcycled interiors dotting the landscape, Brooklyn might be home to some of the thriftiest and innovative recyclers. While visiting Indonesia, the Aellon team came across a 61-foot fishing boat that had washed up in a monsoon. The 45-year-old boat, aptly named Grace, was constructed with now-threatened rainforest woods and was being disassembled to be sold off, piece-by-piece, for firewood.  READ MORE
Aellon Furniture
July 12, 2012
Ok, I promise I did not choose to write about this furniture collection because it’s called the Grace Line. Honest. The Grace Line is a new series from a recently launched sustainable furniture company called Aellon. Based in Brooklyn, Aellon uses reclaimed boat wood (from a 61-foot Indonesian fishing boat named “Grace” that washed ashore after a monsoon) to create beautiful new desks, tables, seating and accessories. I love the mirror  READ MORE
Aellon Teams Up with Uhuru
June 28, 2012
Inhabitat favorites Jason Horvath and Bill Hilgendorf of Uhuru Design recently teamed up with Daniel Husserl's new design studio Aellon to launch an elegant line of green furniture made exclusively from reclaimed wood. Aellon's inaugural 'Grace' line is named after a disused fishing boat the team discovered in Japara, Indonesia that had run aground in a monsoon. After salvaging the boat Aellon worked with Horvath and Hilgendorf to create a set of 20 'New  READ MORE
First Look: Shipwreck Your Living Room
June 20, 2012
Designed by Brooklyn-based wood-magicians Uhuru, Aellon’s inaugural sustainable-furniture collection, which will hit stores in August, was inspired by something of a detour. On a scouting trip in Indonesia, co-founder and CEO Daniel Husserl took a surfing trip to the island of Sumba, where he bought a shipwrecked, 61-foot-long fishing boat called Grace. Once shipped back to the wood shop in Brooklyn, Uhuru’s Jason Horvath and Bill Hilgendorf discovered that  READ MORE