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Guide To Eco-Friendly Home Accessories And Decor

When it comes to sustainability, it is not only about the big industries but the ways. Interior designing is one way that we can help promote the environmental conservation campaign. But switching to green décor will require to get the best accessories and décor for your space.

In this guide, we are providing some of the best eco-friendly home accessories and décor that you can pick from. Here is the best guide to eco-friendly home accessories and décor:


Sustainability in the kitchen means buying tablewares that are environmentally conscious. If you look around the market, you will be surprised by the vast range of eco-friendly tableware available for you. From tumblers, bowls, cups, and plates, you have a myriad of items to pick from. They are chic and durable products mostly crafted from bamboo, which is highly renewable. However, ensure that you are buying dishwasher safe eco-tableware.

Eco-friendly Rugs

Avoid buying rugs made from non-biodegradable and non-renewable materials. Instead, go for eco-friendly rugs. Fortunately, there is a vast collection of rugs to pick from in the market. There are many stores here in Australia selling organic cotton rugs. There are also many types of rugs made natural and renewable materials such as jute rugs and hemp rugs, amongst others. All these types of eco rugs are durable, and thus, will offer you value for money as you contribute to making the planet safer.

Recycled Plastic Bag

Making the planet safer also means managing pollutants to avoid making the condition worse. Plastic is one of the main pollutants, but we can also use it properly to prevent further pollution. Recycled plastic will cause less damage to the environment. It will reduce the amount of energy that could have been used to make a new plastic bag. So, it makes a huge difference when you go for recycled plastic.

Recycled Wood Furniture

recycled wood furniture

Furniture is vital when it comes to home decor. There are many eco-friendly furniture options to pick from, including chairs, benches, and sofa beds, amongst others. Although wood is renewable, making it sustainable, recycled wood furniture would be the best choice. They help to reduce the number of trees cut, or vegetation cleared. That’s how you contribute to a better environment.

Eco Tabletop and throws

One of the crucial accessories that adds an elegant touch to your furniture is the tabletops and throws. Fortunately, the market has several types of these accessories. You can buy eco tabletops and throws made from natural materials such as wool, cotton, amongst others. There many designs that you can pick from as well as colours. For the colours, select an option that matches your furniture and your space in general. Sometimes, contrasting colours for tabletops and throws works magic.

Recycled Entrance Mats

While decorating your house, some of the finer details you can’t miss is things like the entrance mats. There are many non-recyclable and non-renewable options in the market which are responsible for the pollution. Buying recycled entrance mats from both renewable and non-renewable materials to decorate your house helps to keep to the planet clean and safe. There are other materials you can pick from cotton, wool, rubber, plastic, and so on.

Handmade Basket

A handmade basket is an accessory that adds some class and authenticity into your interior décor. Being hand weaved basket, it adds some fine touch of originality in your home decoration. There are many sustainable options for baskets to pick from based on the materials used. For a perfect handmade basket, get one that is woven from sustainable materials.

Eco cushion and pillows

You need to add eco cushions and pillows for your beds and couches. These accessories add a subtle touch to your furniture. When buying sustainable pillows and cushions, the kind of material used matters the most. Natural or renewable fibre materials such as wool, cotton, silk, and so on would be the perfect choice to pick from. However, you can make more impact if you buy recycled fibre.

If you are planning to switch to green home décor, these are some of the best options you can pick from. There are many stores in Australia selling eco-friendly home accessories and décor, where you can get more options. Going green is the best decision that you can make.