Profiles Of Women Involved In Aellon: The Story Of The Invisible Sisters

Aellon works with the Invisible Sisters, a women’s group that crochets plastic bags into bags, home designs, accessories, and other products. Here are their stories on how this project has helped improve their lives.

Elizabeth is a widow and a mother to 4 children. She busies herself with crocheting and she is the leader of the women’s group in their community. She is also involved in different organizations. She is grateful to Invisible Sisters for teaching her the value of caring for the environment. She can do that through crocheting plastic bags and making them into bags and other accessories. She says the money that she earns helps in meeting the daily needs of her family and it is sustainable. She has many dreams but mainly, she wants to have her own business to support her family.

Erlinda is one of the more experienced members in the group when it comes to crocheting. She is a nursing aide by profession but she spends her time crocheting and doing reflexology. She and her husband have 4 children – 2 are married and 2 are working. At this stage in her life, she still has many dreams for their future – to travel to other countries, have her own business, and improve their house. She says Invisible Sisters supports them financially, it’s just a matter of working faster to earn more. She is also proud of the crafts that she makes and she also takes pride in being able to teach other women how to crochet plastic bags so that they can earn money too.

Sharon is a widow with 9 children. Crocheting plastic bags is her only source of income. Fortunately, most of her children are already working and only 2 are still in school. She also receives assistance from the government for their education. She dreams of improving their house, seeing her children graduate, and getting more projects from Invisible Sisters. She says the organization has been a big help in helping her meet the needs of her family.