The Forest


Forests are the most biologically diverse ecosystems on Earth. Trees clean our air and water, they provide us with food, fuel, natural resources and life-saving pharmaceuticals, and are home to trillions of living organisms. We are concerned that global forests are rapidly shrinking and only a small percentage of remaining forests are protected by government regulation or private trusts.




We are ramping up towards becoming a member of Patagonia Founder Yvonne Chouinard's non-profit called 1% for the Planet. This umbrella non-profit requires that member companies donate 1% of their gross revenue (not profit, revenue) to this organization, which then distributes the funds to projects around the world that have verifiable positive environmental and social impacts.

As we continue to grow, we also seek to identify non-profits in other countries that we can work with directly so that we can better measure the results of our work.



While the rate of deforestation in the United States has slowed significantly since 1910, there are still sensitive forest ecosystems around the country that are at risk of being disrupted.

For this reason, we donate a part of our proceeds each year to The Nature Conservancy with the goal of preserving natural areas in the USA.



Indonesia is considered an area of concern by the FSC due to the amount of deforestation and illegal log harvesting that plague the country. Trees4Trees is a non-profit organization based in Java that partners with local communities to renew the environment through reforestation and education. 

Aellon is working closely with Trees4Trees to spread awareness of their mission to other furniture manufacturers in the United States that either use wood from or produce furniture in Indonesia.