brown dachshund on a blue couch

A Guide To Pet-Friendly Furniture

Having pets in the house is fun. They will help you get rid of stress and depression by providing companionship. But you need to make your home pet-friendly. One of the areas you need to consider seriously is buying furniture. For example, your dogs should be able to rest on the couch and chairs without damaging them.  

What you need is to invest in pet-friendly furniture. You need furniture that can hold up to the shedding of fur, paws, mud, and any other thing that your pets can bring. That’s what makes any piece of furniture pet-friendly. If you are buying for the first time, this guide provides the best tips on choosing perfect pet-friendly furniture. 

1. Get The Right Fabric 

One of the crucial factors to consider is the choice of fabric. There are many furniture fabrics, but not all of them can withstand life with pests. One of the crucial elements you need to look for is stain-resistance because dogs bring a lot of stains. Microfiber, Crypton, and Ultrasuede are some of the fabrics that offer incredible stain-resistant and easy to clean properties.   

However, leather makes the best couches for dogs. It may be expensive, but it offers unmatched stain-resistance and ease of cleaning features. Leather also lasts longer than any other fabric, hence value for money. Be sure that you are getting the real leather and not the synthetic one. 

2. Pet Colours 

For your decoration, it is important that you get the colour collect. It would look odd if the colour of your furniture and that of the pets are not compatible. The good way to go about it is buying couches and chairs that are of the same colour as your pets. This will make your pets camouflage in your furniture, which will look nice. 

One of the major reasons why choosing furniture that is of the same colour as the pets is to avoid fur problem. Pets will always shed fur, and if the colours are contrasting, then the fur can make your guests uncomfortable. So, any shed fur will blend with furniture colour, and no one will notice. 

3. Look for Zippers 

The other thing you need to look for when buying pet-friendly furniture is the zippers on the cushions. Both larger and smaller cushion should have zippers on them. Zippers allow you to any section of the couch that may become soiled by pets and clean them individually. This means you will not need to clean the whole furniture cover if a small section becomes accidentally dirty. 

Couch with zippers on the cushions also enables us to take covers to the dry cleaners when they get dirty. That will not be possible with a couch without zippers. The quality of zippers is also an important factor to consider. 

couch bedding zipper

4. Machine-Washable Beddings 

When you have got pets in the house, you can expect to do a lot of cleaning. Bedding and throw pillow covers are the most affected by pets. They will either get soiled or sometimes, pooped on. In addition to that, they will also be collecting a lot of fur shed by pets. That’s why you can’t avoid regular cleaning to keep them in them and the space in good condition. 

Selecting machine-washable beddings and covers makes it easy to keep the room clean. You just need to put them in the dry cleaner and you are done. We also recommend that the two shouldn’t be made from a fabric that attracts fur. In addition to that, you should also consider a thicker mattress pad. 

5. Sturdy Wood-Framed Seating 

Another thing that you need to put into consideration is the choice of chairs. Dogs like jumping over chairs when playing or going to rests. If the chairs are not sturdy enough, they are likely to fall and probably cause injuries to the pet as well as damage your things. That’s one of the major reasons why you must ensure that your sets are sturdy. 

Classic wooden chairs are the best options for homes with pets. Make sure that the base of the seat is large enough to support the needed sturdiness. The wooden material also doesn’t provide scratching surface for pets; hence less fur is shed.  

6. Slip-Proof and Scratch-Proof Surfaces 

The choice of the floor in your home must also be pet-friendly. If you have installed a laminate, tile or hardwood floor, your pets will have a skidding and slipping problem. This could lead to scratches, crashes and damage to your furniture. So, makes sure that your surface is slip and scratch-proof.  

One of the ways you can make your surface pet-friendly is by introducing rugs in the space. It will provide your pet(s) with a firmer grip hence reducing potential scratched and other damages to your furniture. Note that rugs also add to your interior décor if selected properly. 

7. Throws Pillows 

Pets are very cheeky. Most of the time, they will spend time playing with anything they come across. You must have observed your pet trying to ‘dig’ into the sofa seat cushions. With time, the digging will result in damages on the furniture cover.  

white and green throw pillows

You can stop this by introducing throws and pillows on the couch. Your pet will start digging these pillows and throws hence minimizing potential damages on the couch fabric. You can also use the two accessories to enhance your interior décor by buying a throw/pillow color that enhances space aesthetics. 

8. Sturdy End and Coffee Tables 

The other thing you need you to look for when buying pet-friendly furniture is the choice of tables. Pets play a lot, and if you have unstable tables, they might knock them down. That’s the reason why you should select sturdy coffee and end tables. Make sure that the table’s legs are strong, sturdy, and a wider base to provide the needed sturdiness. That’s what makes these pieces of furniture pet-friendly furniture. 

If you want to furnish your house and still keep your pets comfortable and safe, these are the main tips you need to consider. Make sure that the fabric for your couch can withstand life with pets. You must also ensure that tables and chairs are strong and sturdy. These are key elements that will make your home pet-friendly.