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Air Con Installation Ideas That Match Your Home Decor Space

When installing air conditioners in Sunshine Coast, you should look for two things – functionality and aesthetics. You don’t want to install an ugly unit that will spoil all your hard work in interior design work. But how do you select an air conditioning unit that offers high functionality and aesthetics?  

To get professional insight on this topic, we spoke to Brett from Air Con Sunshine Coast, and he told us some usable tips on installing air conditioner unit to match home décor ideas. Here are some of the ideas he gave us:   

Go For Designer Unit  

If you want to enhance your interior décor with AC installation, go for a designer unit. The designer air con units will effortlessly blend into your room’s décor. These units offer you a vast range of options to select from.   

From shape to the colour of the air conditioner, you have a vast range of options to pick from. So, you can choose a colour that complements your interior décor. For the shapes, you have a variety to select from depending on the supplier you are purchasing from.  

Recess The Unit Into A Wall  

How you install the air conditioning unit will have a huge impact on your interior décor. The most common installation is pining the unit on the wall, but this may not produce a sleek finish. Try a recessing the AC unit into a wall. This form of installation makes the unit to disappear from the surface for a classic finish.  

However, you need an aircon specialist to pull off this type of installation. They will make the necessary adjustment to your home architecture for a perfect fit for the unit. A good installer should make the unit appear as part of your space décor but not like an AC.  

Proper Maintenance   

You could be having one of the sleekest units in the house, but if it’s not properly maintained, you won’t realise the aesthetics features you’re looking for. Imagine having a recessed air conditioner, but it’s leaking and making round noises.  

Service worker maintenance on aircon at home

After investing in a designer air conditioning system, carry out timely maintenance. Check the condition of the filters and replace the clogged ones. It’s only when your unit is functioning optimally that you’ll enjoy its aesthetics features.  

Conceal the Unit  

If you don’t have the financial ability to buy a designer air conditioner, you can still keep your home décor with typical designs. What you need is to find a way of concealing your unit to avoid spoiling your interior aesthetics.  

What you need is a custom cover that matches your space décor. The cover should have the colour and other patterns if the house décor for perfect concealing of the unit. Remember not to make the unit ineffective by keeping the concealed area poorly ventilated.  

Paint the Unit  

If you can’t find a colour to integrate the air conditioning unit into the room design, paint it. You have plenty of paint options, including acrylic paint, to make the unit complement the rest of the room design.   

The good thing about painting is that it makes the AC unit look like a piece of art. So, it will bring charm to your house. Work with a professional painter for sleek results. But if you have great painting skills, you can use the talent to come up with a unique piece of art.  

If you were wondering how you can incorporate air conditioner as part of your home décor, try these cool ideas. Hire the best Sunshine Coast air conditioning specialists to help you get the most out of AC décor.  You may contact one of the best and tested service providers in the area:

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